emmanuelle Sits

The Video That Gives Highlight to Women

I had this idea in mind for a long, long time. I started looking for women with original features - lot of freckles, long hair, short hair, twins... after that, I had to organize a casting to see those Girls in real life and choose the right ones. Once I had my 21 girls ready, I started shooting. I made a unique moodboard for every girl or group, a unique look and location. It took me several months to finish recording. After that, I had to take care of the editing process. As it was my very first video project ever, that period of time was quite thorny!
But as soon as I get to watch the final footage, I was so proud of myself. Proud that I could create such a powerful video, proud that I could highlight the beauty of Women this way. Proud to create this video from scratch.

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